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Student Work

Project Overview:


This project focuses on creating a simple yet engaging 2D platformer using a combination of Photoshop and Unreal. The project will involve conceptualizing the game, designing environment assets, character animations, building a level in Unreal, and concluding with a gameplay recording.  Players will be able to run, jump, and collect coins.

Project Phases:

1. Conceptualization of the 2D Platformer:

  • Develop a concise concept for the platformer, including the protagonist, objectives, setting, storyline, and the overall theme.


2. Environment Asset Creation:

  • Produce a basic tile set using Photoshop that aligns with the chosen concept.

  • Design platform elements, backgrounds, and any additional assets required for the game environment.


3. Character Asset Creation and Animation:

  • Create simple character assets, including an idle stance, run/walk animation, and a jump animation.

  • Explore additional animations to enhance character expressiveness and engagement.


4. Unreal  Level Building:

  • Utilize blueprint scripting in unreal to construct a playable level.

  • Implement the designed tile set and character assets to bring the game environment to life.

  • Ensure seamless integration of character animations within the Unreal environment.


5. Gameplay Recording:

  • Screen record a playthrough of the developed 2D platformer.

  • Showcase the character's movements, interactions, and the overall gaming experience.

  • Provide commentary or insights regarding the design choices and gameplay dynamics.


Project Evaluation Criteria:

  • Conceptualization: Clarity and creativity in defining the game concept.

  • Asset Quality: The visual appeal and coherence of environment and character assets.

  • Animation Quality: Smoothness and effectiveness of character animations.

  • Unreal Level Design: The functionality and aesthetics of the constructed level.

  • Gameplay Recording: Presentation quality, commentary, and overall engagement.


Note: Participants are encouraged to infuse creativity into all aspects of the project, from the storyline to the visual elements. While meeting the minimum requirements, additional creativity is highly welcomed.

This module offers a hands-on opportunity to explore game design, animation, and Unreal development, providing a foundation for creating compelling 2D platformers.

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