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Student Work

Project Overview:


The goal of this project is to create a captivating 2D animated GIF featuring a bouncing ball navigating through a minimum of three distinct arcs. Additionally, the animation should culminate in a surprising element to engage and captivate the audience.

Context: The bouncing ball exercise holds a time-honored position as one of the foundational lessons in animation. Widely recognized as the initial undertaking for animation students, this exercise serves as an effective means to instill essential principles crucial to the art of animation. These principles include but are not limited to squash and stretch, exaggeration, arcs, and timing.

Key Deliverables:

  1. A seamlessly animated 2D GIF depicting a bouncing ball traversing at least three arcs (can be in video format if having trouble exporting GIF sequence OR if you are including audio).

  2. Incorporation of fundamental animation principles, emphasizing squash and stretch, exaggeration, and timing.

  3. Introduction of a surprising element at the conclusion of the animation to intrigue and delight the audience.


The animation should exhibit a fluid and dynamic style, with a focus on smooth transitions between frames. The surprise element should seamlessly integrate with the overall narrative, enhancing the viewer's experience.

This project not only serves as a technical exercise but as a canvas for artistic expression within the realm of animation fundamentals. The successful completion of this project will not only demonstrate skill but also showcase a mastery of storytelling through animation.

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