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Student Work

Project Overview:


The objective of this project is to celebrate a famous historical figure and their significant accomplishment through the creation of a 2D animated Google Doodle GIF. This project spans two phases: research and storyboard creation followed by the development of a creative and visually compelling animated GIF. The emphasis is on authenticity, clarity, aesthetics, design, and the application of animation principles.


Phase 1: Research and Storyboard Creation

Research: Conduct thorough research on a selected historical figure known for a significant accomplishment. Understand their life, achievements, and the context in which they made a mark in history.

Storyboard Creation:

  1. Develop a storyboard outlining key scenes for the animated Google Doodle.

  2. Ensure each frame contributes to the clarity of the historical figure's accomplishment.

  3. Pay attention to the flow, pacing, and visual storytelling elements.

Phase 2: Animated Google Doodle GIF Creation

Animation Principles: Apply animation principles such as squash and stretch, timing, exaggeration, and arcs to enhance the visual appeal and narrative of the animated GIF.

Creativity and Authenticity:

  1. Infuse creativity into the design while maintaining authenticity to the historical figure and their accomplishment.

  2. Engage viewers by presenting a unique and visually captivating representation.



Ensure that the viewer easily understands the historical figure's significance and achievement through the animation.

Aesthetics and Design:

  1. Pay attention to visual aesthetics, color schemes, and design elements that complement the theme.

  2. Create a visually pleasing and cohesive animated Google Doodle.

Project Evaluation Criteria:

  • Creativity: Originality and innovative representation of the historical figure.

  • Authenticity: Faithful representation of the historical figure and their accomplishment.

  • Clarity: Clear communication of the significance of the historical figure through animation.

  • Aesthetics and Design: Visual appeal, color harmony, and overall design aesthetics.

  • Animation: Application of animation principles for smooth and engaging motion.

This project not only serves as an exploration of a historical figure but also challenges participants to apply design and animation skills creatively. The animated Google Doodle should be a visually striking tribute that effectively communicates the essence of the figure's accomplishment to a broad audience.

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