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Student Work

Project Overview:

In this project, you will dive into the world of game development using Unreal Engine's Blueprint system. The primary objectives include creating and testing at least five game mechanics, white boxing a level based on your design document, incorporating external feedback for concept refinement, and ultimately presenting a playtesting video showcasing your work.  The blockout will take place across four weeks.

Project Tasks:

  1. Game Mechanics Creation:

    • Utilize Unreal Engine's Blueprint system to develop a minimum of four game mechanics based on your level design doc and game development document.

    • Ensure that these mechanics are functional and ready for testing.

  2. Level White Boxing:

    • Refer to your level design document and plan out the spatial layout of your game environment.

    • White box the level, focusing on creating a playable space that complements your game mechanics.

  3. Concept Refinement:

    • Share your work with peers or mentors to gather external feedback.

    • Use feedback to refine and enhance your game mechanics and level design concept.


Submission Requirements:

  • Video Playtesting Submission:

    • Create a video showcasing yourself playtesting the project.

    • Provide commentary on your design decisions, challenges faced, and any iterations made based on playtesting feedback.

    • Clearly demonstrate the implemented game mechanics and the initial level blockout.


Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Technical Proficiency:

    • Evaluation of the functionality and effectiveness of the implemented game mechanics.

  • Level Design:

    • Assessment of the spatial layout, flow, and overall design of the white-boxed level.

  • Concept Refinement:

    • Review of the effectiveness of incorporating external feedback to enhance the overall concept.

  • Playtesting:

    • Evaluation of the playtesting video, considering insights gained, changes made, and the overall player experience.



  • Hands-On Experience: Gain practical experience using Unreal Engine's Blueprint system for game development.

  • Feedback Loop: Learn the importance of playtesting and iteration in refining game design concepts.

  • Project Management: Develop skills in planning and executing game development tasks across multiple weeks.


This project aims to provide a structured and hands-on experience in game development, emphasizing the iterative nature of the design process and the significance of player feedback.

**please note, all assets are place holders in the blockout phase**

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